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The Ripple Studios Group is an award winning Integrated Marketing Communications and Specialised Media Group based in the South Pacific. The group comprises three wholly owned companies:

RIPPLE STUDIOS LIMITED - Visual Content and Brand Integration for Corporate, Retail, Television, Cinema and On-Line Marketing.

GLASS DIGITAL LIMITEDDigital Agency specialising in Integrated Branding with uniquely diverse technical and resource capability.

STRATEGY 8 - Accredited Strategic and Execution incorporating Analytics, Strategic Development, Performance, Measures and Management.

Offering global reach with local presence the Ripple Group combines industry leadership with technical capability and experience to provide 24 x 7 capability governed by integrated High Performance Communication framework, which ensures each lifecycle element is developed and measured to the clients specific objectives, on-time and within budget.    Learn more  CLICK HERE


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quotemarkIt makes sense to use a team who know what they're doing. 

Ian Holland, Group Programme Director for MRN highlights that with aerial film production there is no compromise for expertise.


quotemarkSomething to be proud of !!paulpover

DuPont Product and Marketing Managers highlight that the potential for video in direct, distributed and web marketing in the new social media age is under-rated.

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