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The light is fading in a well respected metropolitan neighborhood as a major sporting event draws to a close, the last competitors dragging themselves across the finish line.  Without warning a huge explosion rips through the crisp night air, flames and debris pervade a 300 metre radius.  Through dense smoke and twisted wreckage the feeble cries for help from the injured and helpless....  Within minutes several emergency combat agencies are mobilized, working with precise union, each taking well-versed responsibility to manage the situation, preserve the injured and recover the dead.  Precision and efficiency derived only from years of intense training and practice as, fortunately, was this event.  But it's not always this way.  We've been doing this for a long time and our camera's continue to roll, capturing every performance aspect of these highly skilled emergency technicians to intensely scrutinise even the most minute improvements, to perfect their readiness as individuals, as teams and as a collective emergency service.  These smallest improvements make the biggest impact - they save lives.

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