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Reported crime and litigation has increased across the South Pacific by an average of 168% since 1990.   By 2015 increasing populations combined with new socio-economic and societal demographic influences are expected to create unprecedented pressures on Australia and New Zealand judicial systems.   Use of inquisitorial systems over adversarial justice have markedly increased and courts and mediators are already adopting new technologies and techniques to streamline and improve case outcomes.


Today courts and mediatory statutes are going high-tech and elements of audio-visual evidence are used in almost every major trial.   Every law practitioner needs to have access to qualified and experienced legal audio-visual producers.   The Ripple Studios Group have been providing forensic animation and videography for law, science and administration since 2008 and have developed considerable expertise and technology to serve present and future advances in civil, criminal and corporate law.  This investment in the future allows us to provide our clients the innovative, professional and credible clarity-of-evidence demanded by todays global leading law and mediation firms.


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Australian studies of 60 Supreme and District Court trials shows that digital media is the most easily understood and persuasive method of presenting case details, whether for judge, jury or mediator and provides for more retention than traditional transcripts alone.


Forensic animation and videography processes are more than just building 3D models in a virtual space. Recreating a crime, accident or state-corporate scenario digitally entails extreme technical scrutiny of evidence, testimony and time-based physics and science.  The forensic animation tools must also be able to recreate the real-world physics of elements put forward by technical experts, such as burn rates, munitions impact, mass velocity and real world motion etc, etc.  Created accurately the ability of forensic animation to present time-motion-distance relationships of available evidence is of great benefit to both the expert witness and the attorney or mediator, which is especially true when there are multiple concurrent events that may be difficult to visualize all at once.  Typically there are numerous reports, depositions and testimonials from multiple agencies and expert witnesses that need to be assembled so that the facts are cohesive and flow logically.  Forensic animation also lends itself to the development of case theory and "what if" scenarios that can be modelled to eliminate improbabilities that may otherwise confuse or conflict the case.  


Animation and videography is often used to place a viewer "in the shoes" of someone else, or to view the situation from an alternate perspective.  Animation allows the audience to fly through environments they would not ordinarily be able to view, or see in the dark, underwater, or in pipes underground, or even through-out the human body, and in doing so, emphasize why events transpired, or provide alternative theories of cause and effect.  Animation can also be particularly useful in litigious matters involving transport accidents, construction, oil and gas drilling, refinery operations and/or manufacturing methods.  Providing a visual cue to support a complex technical presentation of an expert witness is considerably more effective. 


          Forensic Solutions

  • 3D crime / incident scene  scenario reconstruction
  • Testimonials, evidence & time/distance sequencing 
  • Forensic & pathology evidence physics-accurate animation
  • Complex evidence or technical education
  • Video documentary
  • Deposition testimonials


Further to building a case, video or animation presentations can be used as a pre-construction tool to educate juries and mediators on complex evidentiary systems (such as DNA testing) or, in the case of patent law, to inform about what a patent does (or doesn't do).


Prepared cohesively a video or animation representation will provide a counsel with a valuable asset for the duration of the case that provides unambiguous consistency and control of valuable case information.  While the presenter can rewind, fast-forward and even pause an animation or video, the information contained within the presentation remains exactly the same, thereby minimizing case disrupting error or omission.


Whether your needs are for scene or scenario recreation, clear and concise depositions or testimonials, activity documentaries, visual proof of damage, pre-construction or technical education Ripple have a team of fully qualified videographers and animation artists, as well as the specialist tools and equipment necessary to make your case.   Contact us now to learn how we can help make your case >

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